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I wanted to work on a set of images that reflected the times we’ve all been living in.
The distance, the separation, the suffocation of uncertainty and domesticity.

Just before the first lockdown, our family relocated from London to the countryside and I’ve felt incredibly grateful for all that’s brought. Having the sea and a woodland on my doorstep has been a saviour. Bizarrely I feel a real sense of optimism and celebration which I think is also reflected in these images.
All of the images including ‘Tesco Girl’ were shot on close friends and neighbours, in the places that make up our daily lives, including our local sea swimming spot, where we would reunite. It also seemed instinctively like the right choice to shoot these plastic inflatable costumes here as a nod to the obvious but catastrophic impact that plastic is having on the natural environment,

Thankyou Sankim for making these incredible pieces.