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‘Self, son and Simone’

Testimony to the new.

In January 2020 our family of three marked the new decade with a move from London to the countryside, little did we know how vivid the change would be; isolation, a new reality, a new normal. Exhilerating and exhausting, filled with such elation and joy in tandem with heartbreak and loss.

These images, intimate portraits of myself and my son captured in the woodland and walls of our new home, express some of the extreme contrasts that have marked recent months. The fragile balance of work and motherhood; the restriction of lock down and the freedom of a new environment. Embracing nature and letting go, whilst holding tight to what feels most important; rigidly protecting, freely exposing.

Thank you to Simone Rocha for her creations, and all the theatre they bring to this personal and private work.